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 Předmět příspěvku: Two Steps From Hell
 Odeslat Napsal: 01 říj 2011 10:54 
Mistr Legenda 4000
Mistr Legenda 4000
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Two Steps From Hell - Archangel (2011)


USA | Epic Trailer Music | Mp 3 | VBR 280 kbps | 160 Mb

Two Steps From Hell was founded in February 2006. Two Steps From Hell has moved to Remote Control Studios in Santa Monica.
Worldwide distribution is now handled by Extreme Music. In spite of a decidedly devilish name, their catalogue continues
expanding into a broad musical spectrum that is well suited for all genres of the motion picture advertising markets.
They use renowned orchestras, choirs and musical talent from around the globe.
All compositions are written by Thomas Bergersen and Nick Phoenix in solar powered studios.

Two Steps From Hell music featured in Top Trailers of 2009.
At the Golden Trailer Awards, "WALL-E" wins Best Animation/Family Trailer, which features "Super Strength",
and "Star Trek" wins Best In Show Award and Summer 2009 Blockbuster Award, featuring "Freedom Fighters."

01. Mercy in Darkness
02. Archangel *
03. Everlasting
04. United We Stand - Divided We Fall
05. Love & Loss *
06. The Last Stand
07. Nero
08. Destructo
09. Atlantis
10. Strength of a Thousand Men
11. Unexplained Forces
12. Magic of Love
13. Norwegian Pirate
14. Dark Harbor
15. Dragon Rider
16. Mountains From Water
17. Titan Dune
18. Ironwing
19. Army of Justice
20. Immortal Avenger
21. He Who Brings the Night
22. Caradhras
23. Sanctuary is Lost
24. What's Happening to Me
25. Aesir
26. Friendship to Last

Playing Time: 01:12:33 min.



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Obsah Mikrofóra » Muzika » Music CLASSIC

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